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January 14 2020

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January 06 2020

Fake News: BILD behauptet, USA hätten schlimmsten Terror-Kommandeur der Welt getötet, doch Trump lebt noch

Fake-News-Alarm bei Deutschlands zweitgrößter Tageszeitung Bild! Auf Bild.de erschien heute Morgen die Schlagzeile "US-Militär tötet schlimmsten Terror-Kommandeur der Welt". Doch wie eine Gegenrecherche des Postillon ergab, ist der derzeit amtierende US-Präsident Donald Trump nach wie vor am Leben.


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January 05 2020

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January 04 2020

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This your first re-election campaign, kid?
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December 22 2019

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December 20 2019

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December 19 2019

December 18 2019

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December 17 2019

"Yesterday, we published a wonderful piece of satire by James Hannaham, author of Delicious Foods. The piece itself took the form of one large image, purporting to be Donald Trump’s handwritten notes from the debate. Several readers noted the somewhat cryptic credit at the bottom of the image which referenced the font Tiny Hand.
Graphic designers, and those interested in typography, may have done a cursory search through their font libraries, only to discover they don’t have Tiny Hand. That’s because, until Friday morning, the Tiny Hand font didn’t exist."

-- https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/benking/tiny-hand-will-be-your-new-comic-sans

Font: https://www.dropbox.com/s/irvgp4813izfbso/BFTinyHand-Regular.zip

December 16 2019

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This is not normal. Never accept it as “just the way things are now.”

source (new york times)

mfg i don’t know if i’m laughing or crying this is the most absurd graph I’ve ever seen it looks like spiders georg 

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December 15 2019


Of course he’s losing. His IQ is a third of hers.

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December 13 2019

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December 11 2019

December 02 2019

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November 23 2019

November 16 2019

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