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July 03 2017

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A big old bitch slap of truth right here.

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July 01 2017

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June 30 2017

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The Republicans continue to perpetrate the myth that most people receiving Medicaid are able-bodied and are just too lazy to work while living off the government. This myth has been bandied about for many years and plays into the prejudices of many (if not most) in the Republican base.

Data from cdc.gov and healthaffairs.org, as well as many other government agencies is readily available and disproves these reckless, inflammatory statements Republicans consistently use:

Almost half (48 percent) of adults covered by the Medicaid expansion are permanently disabled, have serious physical or mental limitations—-caused by conditions like cancer, stroke, heart disease, and other serious afflictions including ones suffered in service to the country. Of the other half, who might be viewed as “able-bodied,” 75% are already working, in school, or actively looking for work and can not afford health insurance without some financial assistance. Only 25% percent are not currently working or in school, and nearly ¾ of that 25% are not working in order to care for family members while others report their unemployment is temporary due to things like layoffs, family leave act or pregnancy.

Medicaid helps our elderly, many who can no longer care for themselves; sick children who do not work; veterans who may not be eligible for VA benefits; children and adults with Down’s syndrome or who are autistic and are unable to work; blind people, and so on. If we are to be a Christian nation, stop thinking about the 5 people in your state who may be taking advantage of the system and understand that Medicaid assists millions who can not adequately care for themselves.

Is reform need to healthcare as it’s currently administered? Absolutely. But kicking 23 million of our most vulnerable off the system should not be the answer.

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Border Wall is Billion-Dollar Black Box So Far

Trump’s border wall is crawling toward creation despite lack of transparency, funding, and planning.

The Department of Homeland Security might be taking its time launching President Trump’s “big, beautiful wall,” but that’s probably not a bad thing considering the agency’s history of mismanaging acquisition projects, the absence of money appropriated by Congress, and the lack of approval from an internal review board to move the wall past the prototyping phase.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) received hundreds of submissions to its March 2017 Request for Proposals for concrete and see-through walls along the southwest border. CBP originally said not more than 20 companies would be selected to build prototypes of their designs, but that the final names and number of companies would not be publicly disclosed. Today at a press conference CBP said they selected four to eight companies but haven’t yet awarded contracts. However, preparations have reportedly commenced at the San Diego location where the prototypes will be built.


June 29 2017

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What else?
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June 28 2017

Klar ist: Für den 1. März 2009 gab es überhaupt keine Ausgabe des "Time Magazine". Und fest steht auch: Im gesamten Jahr 2009 schaffte es Trump nie auf das Cover des Magazins.
Donald Trump druckt sich auf gefälschtes Cover des "Time Magazine" - SPIEGEL ONLINE

June 27 2017

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June 25 2017

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June 24 2017

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June 23 2017

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June 22 2017

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June 20 2017

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