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March 18 2018

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baby elephants (via lovedbythesavior.tumblr.com)

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Der deutsche Geheimdienst betreibt Sende- und Empfangsanlagen in den Glockentürmen des Münchner Liebfrauendoms

Wenn Euch jemand also erzählt, “der Herr sieht und hört alles”, dann ist die Frage wohl nur, wer dieser “Herr” gerade ist:

Der Einbau sei vor dem Mauerfall 1989 erfolgt, mittlerweile greife der BND “wohl nicht mehr” auf die Anlage zurück, hieß es. Das Magazin zitiert einen “BND-Veteranen” mit den Angaben, dass auch eine “weitere Behörde” das Gotteshaus für Beschattungen genutzt habe und dies möglicherweise heute noch tue.

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Foto: Tom Dolan
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General McMaster gefeuert wegen Teilnahme an der Verschwörung

Der nationale Sicherheitsberater General H.R. McMaster wird bald enthoben werden. Das Weiße Haus hat die Gewissheit erlangt, dass er an der durch Staatssekretär Rex Tillerson und das Vereinigte Königreich vorbereitete Verschwörung beteiligt war. Der Generalsekretär des Weißen Hauses, General John Kelly, könnte auch entlassen werden, weil er sein Team nicht kontrollieren konnte.
Ganz spontan musste ich an Paranoia denken. Und nur an Anderen die Schuld zu sehen.
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I like these but

Would you also consider these?

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‘Orchids’ diadem by René Lalique, consisting of three orchids, two made in horn and one in ivory, with a small drop-shaped topaz in the centre of the ivory flower. France, c. 1903-04.


Paphiopedilums (AKA Lady Slippers)!!!
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wait….are any americans aware that the cia overthrew the democratically-elected premier of iran in 1953 because he wouldn’t concede to western oil demands….and how that coup was the reason for the shah’s return to power, the iranian revolution, and the resulting fundamentalist dictatorship…..like, america literally dissolved iranian democracy and no one knows about it???

No. No we don’t know about it. 

Americans aren’t told this shit. 

The only thing we’re taught about any Middle Eastern country in school is that 1) the region exists 2) it’s where The War is happening and 3) Muslim people live there. That’s it. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get into the Hammurabi Code and some early Babylonian stuff but American schools seem to think that if it happened outside Europe and before the colonial period, or makes America look bad and isn’t about A Very Watered Down Version of What Slavery Was, it’s not important.

Info on this is almost notoriously hard to find. It’s not in any texts on American and Russian involvement in the Middle East during the Cold War that I can find. You have to specifically look for a book about the Shah’s return to power, and even then you’d be hard pressed to find a book like that at your local bookstore. Once you get into some higher level college courses you might know about it, but the people who can afford those are more likely to already be indoctrinated into a certain Way of Thinking (read: they’re racist as shit) by the time they get there. And it’s almost like you have to know about it beforehand if you want to find information on it.

The only reason I knew about it is because there’s a thirty second summary of the event in Persepolis. Those thirty seconds flipped my entire worldview.

“All the Shah’s Men” by Stephen Kinzer is a good, accessible text for people who want to know more about this.


I had to explain literally this to one of my co-workers, who is so fuckin racist against Middle Eastern people it’s insane.

She’s 60. She never heard of this.

As I was explaining this and how, during the Regan years, we funded Osama Bin Laden to fight against Russia, leading to the destruction of much of the infrastructure in the region, one of the plant workers came in to get his badge fixed.

He works in the quality control lab. He served 15 years active duty in the Army. Super smart guy, has a masters in chemistry and another masters in biology, raises saltwater fish in his spare time for sale, has the saltwater aquarium setup of the gods.  Raises rare corals too, some of which he donates to be used in re-seeding reefs around the world, but that’s a side tangent.

And he listened for a minute, then nodded and said “Yeah. I was there during that. I helped train people to fight. They wanted us to help them build schools and hospitals, after, but we were only interested in them as cannon fodder. Left the whole area in ruins. I wasn’t surprised when they hated us for it later. Told people then it would happen. We let them know then that they were only valuable to America as expendable bodies. Why wouldn’t they resent us for that?”

And she just looked floored.

“So…” She started, after a few minutes. “What do you think of Trump?”

“I hate him. He’s a coward and he’s going to get good people killed.” He didn’t even blink. “

She looked back and forth between us for a second, and then asked how I knew all this.

“I research things.” I said. “Google is great.” He nodded enthusiastically.

And she just sat there for a second and then said, really quietly, “I didn’t know.”

She lived through it.

American schools don’t teach you any of this sort of thing.

I thought of Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi too. Never underestimate the power of a good book.

Every year in my entire schooling in small town Indiana, we’d start the year studying the revolutionary war. By the end of the year we would reach world war 2. The next year, the cycle would repeat. Every year. Revolutionary war to world war 2. Rinse and repeat.

We never studied the Vietnam War. Korea. No current events. No ancient cultures. No history of other countries. When 9-11 happened I was in high school, and me and my classmates legitimately had no idea who would attack the U.S. or why. We were baffled. Because we were taught our entire lives that America is always the good guy.

History class in America is an utter joke.

it’s very important that people in america know that the reason the taliban exists is because of america. We funded and trained the mujahideen (featuring osama bin laden) to fight back against the soviet union. and we didn’t just throw them a few dollars and some guns, the combined financial investment of the US and saudi arabia was 40 billion dollars. Osama himself said that he never came up with the idea to fly planes into the twin towers, he was inspired to do it as a result of the US backed Israeli invasion of lebanon and the siege of beirut which predominantly featured the destruction of over 500 buildings (and the starvation and bombing of innocent civilians) and directly influenced the decision to destroy american buildings. the US has a long history of destabilizing and overthrowing governments and then just bailing, throwing countries into chaos, and then decades later when the results of those actions come to fruition the government is like “i have no idea why this country hates us, we’ve never been anything but nice to them, and also we help out so many people, and we’re the freest country in the world (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)” 

do yourself a favor and dig into the history of the middle east and central/south asia (afghanistan and pakistan aren’t in the middle east, just fyi, and they also don’t speak arabic), US imperialism, banana republics, and the true cost of living in the land of the free and home of the brave (some exclusions apply) 

I also second reading Persepolis. For those who don’t know, it’s a graphic memoir by Marjane Satrapi about her living through as a child - young adult the Islamic Revolution in Iran, with family members who were communisit and socialist, and it goes into how America greatly influenced the chaos of that time.

For a great civilian perspective of the Bosnian War in the 1990s, I highly recommend Zlata’s Diary by Zlata Filipovic.

American imperialism has destroyed so many lives, and in America we are indoctrinated with propaganda to believe that we free, good, and brave, when in fact it’s the opposite.

Read, educate yourselves and others, because the American school system won’t.

@hiranyaksha I feel like some people in your ask box should read this for starters…

Our high school (early 80s) Yankistani history book wasn’t as bad as many. I can’t remember whether we covered Korea nor Vietnam…..we probably did. I’m pretty sure we got as far as Kennedy and lyndon johnson. The book sure made no bones about how sucky harding and hoover were, and made much of the good done by FDR, despite its being used by a very conservative/then-very preppy/old $$$ suburb’s school system. I did learn things from it.

Its coverage of nixon, if any, would'n’t’ve taught me shit. I read the papers every day and watched the Watergate Hearings. I was disappointed that I couldn’t discuss any of it with my ‘peers.’ The one or two who actually knew that he had 'abdicated’ were pissed about it, b/c nixon worshipper parents.

Every single Central-, South American, and Caribbean country with a lot of immigration to the US has also suffered much b/c American imperialism.


I am HEAVILY cursed and I blame 13 year old me

I finally saw a brilliant former riding instructor of mine after almost 2 decades. I told her, “All these years, I knew I’d see you again, and much of that time I spent figuring out what I would say. I decided that I absolutely have to say, ‘Debbie, I am sooo sorry I was 13!’”   XD  She LHAO, of course. A friend who became her student shortly after that told me, “Xtine! She yells at her 13-y-o students when they’re idiots, 'I ran into a former student after almost 20 years, and she told me, 'I am sooo sorry I was 13!!!’ XD

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Blep Georgina close up!

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