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July 21 2019

merelygifted reblogged  wilwheaton

pensivelyplayfulme asked:

50 years ago, America landed on the moon and placed their flag. If you could put anything on the moon what would it be?

wilwheaton answered:

Donald Trump, on the dark side, without a space suit.

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July 20 2019

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my BF hipped me
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4014 7866 500
my BF hipped me
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July 19 2019

makingdonalddrumpfagain biyoubob

Overlooking the wrong "they're" in respect of underlying truth.


The best I can do: 

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July 09 2019

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July 06 2019


I thought W was the worst but then came Trump, it’s still hard for me to believe that there could be anyone worse than Bush, but, here we are.


Obama = 3 steps forward; trump = 10,000 steps back

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July 03 2019

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June 27 2019

June 20 2019

June 19 2019

Hope Hicks denied under oath knowing about Trump’s hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks on Wednesday denied under oath knowing anything about the hush-money scheme set up by former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen to pay off President Donald Trump’s former mistresses. “Hicks told lawmakers today that she did not have knowledge during 2016 campaign of hush-money payments made in run-up to election,”


do you call this in english a 'superspecifical demento'?

Nach Berichterstattung: Donald Trump wirft New York Times Landesverrat vor

Donald Trump hat die „New York Times“ auf gewohnt trumpeske Weise beschimpft und ihr Landesverrat vorgeworfen. Das ist insofern bemerkenswert, als dass in den USA auf Landesverrat die Todesstrafe steht. Markus Beckedahl kommentiert den Fall und erinnert an ein ähnliches Geschehen in Deutschland. Vor gar nicht so langer Zeit hatte nämlich der damalige Verfassungsschutzpräsident, Hans-Georg Maaßen, versucht, mit ähnlicher Argumentation die netzpolitik.org-Macher mundtot zu machen. ...[weiter]...

Weiterer Lesetipp: Auf der CNN-Website reagiert Chefredakteur Chris Cillizza auf Donald Trumps jüngstes Interview beim Fernsehsender ABC. Er hat sich dazu 78 besonders bemerkenswerte Aussagen herausgesucht, die er mit viel Süffisanz und Galgenhumor kommentiert: The 78 wildest lines in Donald Trump’s epic ABC interview .

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June 16 2019

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June 14 2019


First of all, you are going to spark the AI uprising by subjecting bots to 1000 hours of this shit, and we will have deserved it.

Second, why is your bot better at writing comedy than SNL




We’re about two weeks away from hearing “The President doesn’t exist.”


I chuckling so hard rn


okay but can we talk about how “I will have a wall built with your questions and your bones” is such a raw fucking line though


re-rebubbling in ‘honor’ of hucky boo boo sanders’ ahem coming departure

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June 12 2019

anyone, but not this lunatic
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June 10 2019

June 09 2019

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June 07 2019

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